We have added here some of the resources that could not be included in a book, such as videos, additional web links, as well as publications and other resources that we have identified after the book went to press.

Other suggestions will be most welcome (see comment box at end of this post)


There aren’t many other books that deal with this topic. The nearest/most convenient and also most relevant is:

Davidson, C and Goldberg, D. (2010) The Future of Thinking: Learning Institutions in a Digital Age Chicago: The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (freely downloadable)

In particular, read Chapter 5: Institutions as Mobilizing Networks. For lots of reasons why change in universities is difficult, see Chapter 4: FLIDA 101: A Pedagogical Allegory. See also my review of this book.

Katz, R. et al. (2008) The Tower and the Cloud: Higher Education in the Age of Cloud Computing Boulder CO: EDUCAUSE – again, available for free downloading. This book deals with some of the technical issues around technology management in the age of cloud computing.

A good book that lays out why universities and colleges need to change their approach to teaching (even though its focus is mainly on the k-12 system) is:

Gilbert, J. (2005) Catching the Knowledge Wave: the Knowledge Society and the Future of Education Wellington, NZ: New Zealand Council for Educational Research

Ehlers, U-D. and Schneckenberg, D. (eds. ) (2010) Changing Cultures in Higher Education: Moving Ahead to Future LearningHeidelberg/London/New York: Springer, 610 pp, US$129.00. Note the price. If your library has a copy though it is well worth reading.


Videos about visions for the future for teaching with technology in higher education

Learning Technologies @ UBC, 2005 (8 mins)
A vision for teaching and learning with technology in higher education. Note that this video was made in 2000.

A vision of students today (5 mins)
Michael Wesch and Kansas State University

Academia 2.0 (10 minutes)
Another from Michael Wesch and Kansas State University: a good statement of the challenge

Education Today and Tomorrow (2 mins 30 secs)
Sets use of educational technology within the needs of 21st century work

The iPhone in a university setting (approximately 15 minutes)
A vision from Abilene Christian University on the use of the iPhone for teaching and learning

21st Century Learning Preview (less than 2 mins)

A short video from Verizon about mobile learning at St Marys City Schools.

Education 2.0 (7 mins 19 secs)

Carlos Morales Socorro talks about the relationship between IT and problem-based learning (Spanish, with English sub-titles)

PLEs meet LMSs

An ‘animated’ chat about the differences between Learning Management System and Personal Learning Environment.

A day made of glass

Not strictly about e-learning, but Corning’s vision for the future of glass set me thinking about new designs for e-learning using touch screens and haptics.


This is from Stacey, P. (2010) Architecting EdTech Paul Stacey: Musings on the EdTech Frontier, June 7 (retrieved from:, June 13, 2010). Although not intended as such, it is one way to look at the relationship between the structure of learning technologies and governance.

© Paul Stacey, 2010



This is from Lamberson, M. and Fleming, K. (2008) Aligning Institutional culture and practice: The University of British Columbia’s e-Learning Framework Tokyo: NIME International Symposium, and provides another way at looking at the underlying architecture of learning and related technologies.

© Lamberson and Fleming, 2008